The Human League – Love Action & The Sound Of The Crowd (2003 Remixes)


So Mike sent over these Human League remixes that were doing the rounds in 2003 to promote the compilation “The Very Best….”. There was actually 4 limited twelves with different colours. Here we get 2 mixes of “Love Action” by Salmon & Jenkins (NYC DJ Rob Salmon) and a mix each by Extended Family and Freaks of “Sound Of The Crowd”.

“Love Action” is housed up but not to ruin the song. The Dub is a bit dark and repetitive though. “Sound Of The Crowd” get electronified (and spoilt) by Freaks with a huge angry bass. Thank God for the last mix, a dark interpretation of the original. Adding extra bits and keeping some of the old sounds.

NEW LINK 2018×4%29_on_12%27%27_Only%29_-_UK_12%27%27s_of_Remixes_-_2003__MP3.rar/file




5 thoughts on “The Human League – Love Action & The Sound Of The Crowd (2003 Remixes)”

  1. Hi There – the zip file has only 4 tracks in it (Love Action & SOTC), but images of the other discs (Dont You Want Me, Open Yr Heart, & Fascination), is there another post with the other mixes on? Thanks so much – always great to come here and find something new / old!

    1. These 4 tracks were ripped because they were not included on the bonus disc of remixes with their best of release. I have the bonus disc of remixes (But here, it would be up to DJJedredy!?).
      To add as a completist standpoint, I also picked up the Japan pressing including the Chinese Whispers remix (Mostly with Asian female singing included) for “Human”

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