Power Jam Featuring Chill Rob G ‎– The Power (US 12″)

Little teaser for any music quiz is to play this and then say it’s not by Snap!!!

From 1990 and released by US Rapper Chill Rob G this is subtly different to Snap’s Worldwide hit. Produced by DJ Mark, The 45 King. Many say it’s the one Snap! ripped off but there is more to the story, however it’s the Rap that was redone by Turbo D on Snaps! version. The original rap is here and best heard on the Acappela. Mantronix’ 1988 record “King Of The Beats” is the backing track (which is itself a collection of sampled loops and beats) and there it goes on a very similar journey.

Robbing Bastards or Not ?



Wild Pitch Records ‎– WP 1018R SAM_9345.JPG

A1 The Power (Vocal) 5:42
A2 The Power (Radio Edit) 4:35
B1 The Power (Instrumental) 5:35
B2 The Power (Acappella) 2:45

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