Various – Greatest Remixes Volume 1 (CD Promo)

People like the bloody 80’s the Stats are proving it! Ah Well…. more CD’s then.

So you can’t get more 90’s Commercial Dance than this compilation in whopping FLAC (so this would be a Winx share then!)

Featuring Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson, 2 Unlimited, Sheila E and of more interest to me KLF and New Order this was released to subscribers in 1993.

Exclusive remixes by the Factor 3 US Remix service and label. Giving them a bit more dancefloor grit and a nice alternative listen to the regular mixes. They are all of very high quality. Liking the Eddy Grant remix with a Billy Jean bassline. No Limit gets a breakbeat over the Eurodance thump, Sheila E’s is basically a Prince track. Glad to say the KLF has had the commercial sheen scrubbed off, as much as you can do with Tammy Wynette’s Country & Western vocals. A definite improvement. New Order on the other hand get an electro disco make over, very weird!! PM Dawn get a tiny bit of Depeche Mode added to the mix. Highlight is the well put together Bizarre Inc. Mega Mix.

Huge file awaits! In two parts!


Part 1

Part 2

Factor 3 Records ‎– F3CD01factorcov

1 Naughty By Nature Hip Hop Hooray (Remix By Ronald Stewart) 6:00
2 Janet Jackson That’s The Way Love Goes (Remix By Ronald Stewart) 5:32
3 Eddie Grant Electric Avenue (Remix By Two White Guys Mixing) 6:12
4 2 Unlimited No Limit (Remix By DJ Logos & Lucky Lou) 6:00
5 Tag Team Whoop! There It Is (Remix By Shurland “Random Noise” George) 5:40
6 Sheila E A Love Bizarre (Remix By Lucky Lou) 6:20
7 KLF Justified And Ancient (Remix By Atomic Boy) 7:08
8 New Order Regret (Remix By Lucky Lou) 6:58
9 PM Dawn Paper Doll (Remix By Two White Guys Mixing) 6:30
10 Bobby Brown Humpin’ Around (Remix By Two White Guys Mixing) 5:48
11 Cookie Watkins Love Can Save The World (Remix By DJ Deep) 5:52
12 Bizarre Inc Energique Megamix 9:20


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