Scarlet Fantastic ‎– Stay (12″)


After initial success with “No Memory.” The duo released their third single in 1988, a very polished bit of synth rock in the Power Ballad style (another category I’ve made up!) Maggie De Monde (voice) and Rick Phylip-Jones (instruments and production) were certainly ahead of their time on this , Goldfrapp anyone? Pre-dating Roxette too.

“Plug Me In” (their 2nd single) is included in all it’s crispy glory, given a PWL sheen. As well as a bit of synthy dance provided by Silver Bullett.

The problem of having a successful debut release and a rubbish record label who didn’t know how to promote them.

NEW LINKS 2021 (Thanks Mike B for the new rip)

Arista ‎– 611 626stayfrontcov

A Stay (The Glory Mix) 7:56
B1 Plug Me In (Silver Surfer Mix) 3:58
B2 Silver Bullet (Instrumental) 4:03

3 thoughts on “Scarlet Fantastic ‎– Stay (12″)”

  1. Another group lost with No Memory! Glad another 12” has surfaced, thanks for this one!!
    Happy to see you have had some good 12ers lately (A Lot) Excellent BTW!!!

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