Silly Sunday Song 4 – Spitting Image ‎– The Chicken Song (12″)

A spoof on novelty holiday records that became a Number 1, taking the piss out of Black Lace et al. Released in 1986 the 12 Hour Version is simply the 7″ repeated twice!! The video is the funniest bit but has been blocked by Channel 4 so the one above is the video played backwards!

The pick of the tracks is a Phil Collins spoof “Hello, You Must Be Going” proving he wasn’t much liked even back then! The classic “(I’ve Never Met) A Nice South African” is a two finger salute to Apartheid and “We’re Scared Of Bob” is a parody charity record about being scared when Bob Geldof phones you up to appear on a… record. 

And here are the videos….



Virgin ‎– SPIT 112chickenfrontcov

A The Chicken Song (12 Hour Version)
B1 (I’ve Never Met) A Nice South African
B2 Hello, You Must Be Going
B3 We’re Scared Of Bob

3 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Song 4 – Spitting Image ‎– The Chicken Song (12″)”

  1. This is one of those times you bite you tongue and don’t fully speculate (this ain’t the place) on whether these same artists that wrote this %&*# about South Africa would dare swap places with the small South African farmer now in that “utopia” the world forced on them.

    Thanks for the songs (love your site) and memories of past and present, good and bad.

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