The Jeremy Days – Brand New Toy (12″)


German pop band from Hamburg, The Jeremy Days, brought a more rockier edge to their brand of light guitar pop.. The line-up of Dirk Darmstaedter – Vocals, Jörn-Christof Heilbut – Guitars, Vocals, Louis Christian Oberländer – Keyboards, Vocals, Christoph Maria Kaiser – Bass, Vocals and Stefan Rager – Drums, Vocals. Did not really set the UK Charts alight. This second single came with a sparkly Langer and Winstanley production job on this 1988 release, Mark Saunders (Bomb The Bass) adds some much needed synths and sequencers on the Dance remix. It’s all too clean, clean as pig’s whistle.

The B-side is a “Live” version (probably a studio rehearsal) of “Raintree Country” with the guitars rather ramped up to rawk level

Polydor ‎– PZ 45jeremyfrontcov

A Brand New Toy (Dance Mix) 6:05
B1 Raintree Country (Live Version) 5:28
B2 Brand New Toy (Full Length) 3:59


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