Yello – The Race (US Promo 12″)

I love Mike B.

When my blog was going a bit stale we had a bit of a discussion about how different releases were marketed between Europe and the States. Obscure mixes that I would have never of heard of appeared over the Pond. Twelve inch singles had over 3 different mixes on them and played at 33 and a third r.p.m. ! So we agreed he would share his “dreams” on here ever since! I would have folded years ago if I did not have his input. I dress it up and share; but it’s his selections that make this blog unique (I do occasionally contribute!)

The classic released in America (with “Blazing Saddles” – from the same album as a B-side) This was a concerted effort by Yello to break America (once again!) back in 1989!

Mainly remixed by Carl Segal this is total remix bringing out the drums, adding a different bassline and cowbells, completely re-arranging the song – I’ve not heard this version before and all the mixes are subtly different! You even get an extra synth lead on the “Formula One Mix.” Love it! Horns aplenty!

Boris Blank croons his way through “Blazing Saddles” ( a bit of a guilty pleasure for me) here with Steve Anderson and Paul Dakeyne toughing it up from the LP version. Better than the A-side ?

Mercury ‎– 874 939-1yello

A1 The Race (High Octane Mix) 7:45
A2 The Race (Formula One Mix) 7:46
B1 Blazing Saddles (Latinohouse Mix) 6:09
B2 Blazing Saddles (Latinohouse Dub) 3:08
B3 The Race (Spare Parts Mix) 6:24


  1. **Mike-B.** · April 16

    I honor your blog and love to share the mix!! Would hate to see it ………… Thanks mate and I do enjoy sharing my vinyl !!! Oh Yeah, I often try to be a completist !!

  2. Andreas · April 16

    thats a nice one…I have also these one in my collection


  3. Neil Kelly · April 17

    Playing it as i type. The first mix is pretty decent. Many thanks for these adored ‘The race’ since release but even more so in recent years. Love Yello too! Last album was good

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