The Other Ones – All The Love (12″)

New from me and to me. An Aussie-German band called The Other Ones and their debut release from 1986. Comprising of Australian-born siblings Alf Klimek (lead vocals), the twins Jayney Klimek (lead vocals) and Johnny Klimek. (bass guitar)They were joined by a German-born trio of Stephan Gottwald (keyboards), Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski (guitars who id a bit of work with Alphaville) and Uwe Hoffmann (drums).

The sound reminds me of Kissing The Pink (with a little bit of Blancmange), especially the chorus. Synths and rock guitars. Catchy

Not the best vinyl condition hence a couple of tracks I’ve “treated” – well, it’s only an introduction.

“Islands” is even more typical New Wave / Synth Pop and “It Makes It Higher” features the operatic vocals of Jayney. Three good tracks, I’ll look out for the album.


Virginallfrontcov ‎– VS 903-12

A All The Love 3:16
B1 Islands 3:45
B2 It Makes It Higher 3:45

4 thoughts on “The Other Ones – All The Love (12″)”

  1. I’ll have to check this out, but the US 12” of Holiday by them is on here back in November 2016. Yep, so much music, I know !!

  2. Fun little pop ditty from the 80’s. Obviously didn’t get any love from Countdown as I don’t recall hearing it. But it should have – it’s right up their alley.

  3. oh man, if you’re new to them, HOLIDAY was their huge summer hit and still a song I love!!! I’ll send you the album and 12″ when I have a minute

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