English Evenings – Touch (12″)

Quirky New Wave from English Evenings (Graham Lee and Lee Walsh) (No vids and actually no Promo pictures as I’ve used the entire Web’s supply of them on this blog already!)

From 1984 with gentle synths and drum machines mixing with guitar and saxophone. Their second single and produced by Phil Harding who gives it a bit of dance floor edge. (Reminds me a bit of Classix Nouveau.) The “After Dark Mix” is a longer, dubbier mix where you can do plenty of air-drumming to and ends up sounding like a video game.

“Let The Dancing Begin!”

B-side is an emotional, piano led track. Is it about the actual “Last Supper” who knows? It’s quite heartfelt and emotionally sung, a bit too Christian Rock for my taste.

Rare New Wave stuff for your lug holes.

All English Evenings stuff has been re-upped.





And Here (Bloody Spoiling you!)




Safari Records ‎– SAFE LS 59english

A Touch (Extended Version)
B1 Touch (After Dark Mix)
B2 The Final Supper 3:19

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