Die Zwei – Grapsch! (Remix) (US 12″)

Die Zwei

Weird dubby electro-funk with early Hip-Hop from German group (Twin Brothers Udo Scheuerpflug, Gerd Scheuerpflug and the mysterious Love ? ) Mixing in some jazzy brass, random samples and cut -ups combined with the cheesiest rap of the year so far with faux English accents. It was mixed by the wonderfully named The Magnificent Kordak with the “Communist Party Mix” being the pick, discarding most of the rap, amazing stuff for 1983 and weird just like most of this blog and the person who runs it!




Personal Records ‎– P-49807zwei

A1 Grapsch! (U.S. Mix) 5:17
A2 Grapsch! (Minimal Dub) 4:55
B1 Grapsch! (Communist Party Mix) 3:56
B2 Grapsch! (Original Mix) 5:22

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