Bauhaus ‎– Telegram Sam (12″)

A contribution from follower “Sisters Of Mercy” , many Thanks!

A very early release (November, 1980) on the label 4AD and the other cover that Bauhaus released (Ziggy Stardust being the other) and a completely different take on the T-Rex classic. Rawer, punkier and even shorter!

The B-sides are worth a listen. The piano and passionate voice of Murphy on “Crowds” combines with Daniel Ash’s atmospheric guitar. “You worthless bitch You fickle shit You will spit on me You will make me spit”…. passionate stuff

“Rosegarden” is another cover, this time a John Cale song, a meandering, slow Blues song drenched in wailing feedback with an insistent bass-line about the Virgin Mary complaining about the whore house next door where Mary Magdalin lived, how apt for a Good Friday!

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4AD ‎– AD17Ttele

A1 Telegram Sam 2:08
B1 Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores 5:31
B2 Crowds 3:13

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