Clan Of Xymox – The John Peel Sessions (CD LP)


I think Winx was appreciative of the Darker side of the 80’s I was turning to this week so I dug this out from the CD vault.

John Peel was a source of new music for me and many of my contemporaries of the time. It was really nice to hear the original session I’d actually taped off the show back in 1985 – how very stereo and polished on this 2001 CD release. Clan Of Xymox were completely new to me. The synths and samples still sound great, with Ronny Moorings giving it an “Electronic Cure” feel to it. European coolness abounds from the epic ally long “Stranger,” to the frantic Goth strum of early single “Muscoviet Mosquito.” The genre denying vocals of Anke Wolbert on “Seventh Time” I just love the rawness of the performances. “After The Call” is a personal favourite, a lump-in-the-throat song which takes off in the finale after all the Talk Talk atmospherics. “Agonised By Love” jitters along with a romantic edge with great bass playing.

Not your usual traditional Goth but alternative and electronic enough to make you seek out more….

Strange Fruit ‎– SFRSCD102peelclanfrontcov

1 Stranger 5:30
2 Muscoviet Mosquito 3:59
3 Seventh Time 4:45
4 After The Call 7:20
5 Agonised By Love 5:03
6 Mesmerised 6:16

4 thoughts on “Clan Of Xymox – The John Peel Sessions (CD LP)”

  1. I absolutely love Xymox!!! And I have everything by them, if you are looking for more (“A Day” is their best track)

    John Peel was absolutely awesome. I used to collect Peel Sessions in their first edition (bronze cover) but lost them all. I was a bit obsessed with Hardcore in those days and he always introduced the fastest, noisiest bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, etc. … lovely stuff

      1. There was a time (in the 80s) when I pre-ordered every record from a mail order catalog that claimed it was the fastest, loudest, … SCUM was described as 28 songs in 14 minutes, so …lol … I saw Napalm Death live when they first released SCUM … in an abandoned building in Germany … lol … best show ever! I still listen to their first two records all the time and still love all the 80s Hardcore/Crossover like SOD, Attitude Adjustment, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht/Beermacht, Lethal Aggression …

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