Den Harrow – A Taste Of Love (12″)

Before we get all Gothed up ! (And please try to not laugh at the video!)

Italo-disco anybody ? This track is nice and synthy from Den Harrow but the real mastermind behind is the production duo of Turatti & Chieregato (Roberto Turatti and Michele Chieregato) Doing a bit of a Martin Rushent on the synth backing.

Den Harrow was a bit of a Nick Kamen character, fronted by model/actor/dancer Stefano Zandri the A -side is quite cheesy and unfortunately the B-side is a little bit crackly….a bit of shame 😦

NEW LINK 2019!n7Q31QIR!wvg9ZZhz5_lcL-y1yYNcMTOPLGkpa_KfBsVdUnRtnwA

CBS ‎– CBS A 12.4107tastefrontcov

A A Taste Of Love 7:16
B A Taste Of Scratch 6:21


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