Tunes From Oz and Beyond Part 10 – (Mid 80’s to Early 90’s)

Last one for a bit from Mike B (and a little addition by me 🙂 )

Mondo Rock – Primitive Love Rites (US Promo 12″)

A party rocker from 1986 from Ross Wilson’s Mondo Rock. Power Pop with a “Footloose” feel to it with guitar licks and harmonica. The “Hot Mix” tinkers around bringing out mechanical percussion and keyboards. An alternative listen for those familiar with the single version.



Columbia ‎– CAS 2713mondo

A1 Primitive Love Rites (Single Version) 4:10
A2 Primitive Love Rites (Hot Mix Edit) 3:45
B Primitive Love Rites (Hot Mix) 4:54

Tim Finn – Carve You In Marble (12″)

Again from 1986 and this from Tim Finn from the album “Big Canoe” album. The full length version has a piano intro before the synths kick in. Produced by Nick Launey who also does the sparser more atmospheric”Marble Mix” with some lovely synth sounds. Guitars return in the B-side “Hole In My Heart” a jaunty number with a strong chorus and loads of brass (very Sting-like)



Virgin ‎– VS 866-12SAM_0594

A Carve You In Marble (Full Length Version)
B1 Carve You In Marble (Marble Mix)
B2 Hole In My Heart

Colin James Hay – Hold Me (12″)

The voice of Men At Work released this in 1986. Typical “World” Music feel to this debut release and produced by Robin Millar (Hence lots  of DX-7 sounds) is suitably anthemic with plenty of synth horns. The rock stuff comes out on the quicker “Home Sweet Home” (Genesis!) In contrast you get the near skiffle, acoustica/ country of “Going Somewhere” with the help of the The Conway Brothers Hicup Orchestra….very different

NEW LINK  2018


Columbia ‎– 44 5989SAM_6317

A Hold Me (Extended Version) 6:35
B1 Home Sweet Home 3:11
B2 Going Somewhere 3:24

Painter$ & Docker$ ‎– Die Yuppie Die (The Armageddon Mix)

Aussie Rock/Ska stylee circa ’87 from Painters & Dockers. Man-sized guitars and included on the album, “Kiss My Art” Named after a particularly militant union

The 12″ is suitably messed around with. Produced by Aussie guitar legend Lobby Loyde and mixed by Mike Duffy. Described as Aussie Pub Rock this is song all about Greed snarled by Paul Stewart.

B-side “That’s It” keeps the uptempo 60’s Garage vibe with sweary punk vocals.



White Label Records ‎– X14516SAM_8484

A Die Yuppie Die (The Armageddon Mix)
B1 Die Yuppie Die (7″ Version)
B2 That’s It

Mental As Anything – He’s Just No Good For You (UK 12″)

By the time this was released (1987) Mental As Anything had cracked the UK market. From the album “Mouth To Mouth.” Big guitar sounds and a sing-along chorus and not really that extended at just over 4 mins.

This has the 12″ of their breakthrough hit from 2 years before, “Live It Up” I defy anyone not to sing along to it. Greedy Smith’s finest hour.

The gentle, reggae infused “Ruby” is another bonus and a rare B-side.


Epic ‎– ANYT 4SAM_0516

A He’s Just No Good For You (Extended Mix) 4:06
B1 Live It Up (Extended Mix) 6:06
B2 Ruby Baby 4:38

Mental As Anything – Rock And Roll Music (UK 12″)

A track from the soundtrack of “Young Einstein” and released in 1988, a fun cover of the Chuck Berry classic from 1957. Martin Plaza certainly enjoyed recording this.

“Get You Back” is another of example of a fine B-side which later appeared on the album, “Cyclone Raymond” in 1989. Very retro sounding but with some great guitar from Reg Mombassa.

The inclusion of a live version of “Secret Life” (from the World Expo ’88 in Brisbane)  shows off their excellent musicianship.


Epic ‎– ANY T6

A Rock And Roll Music (Extended Mix)
B1 Get You Back
B2 Secret Life (Live)

James Freud – Hurricane (12″)

Heading into 1989 and this release from the James Freud (R.I.P.) from Models. This was from his second album “Step Into Heat”. A much more rockier sound with a mix by Alex Haas with plenty of female backing vocals (Edna Holt,Michelle Cobb, Robin Clarke and Tawatha Agee) Bass was provided by Bernard Edwards who also produced it.

B-side is of a similar style and probably very rare as it wasn’t on the album.

Good looking lad that led the Rock God lifestyle to the full.



Mushroom ‎– X 13370SAM_1702

A Hurricane (The West Side Mix)
B Everything’s Alright

Stephen Cummings – Hell (You Put Me Through) (12″)

Doing a good impression of Robert Palmer, ex-singer/songwriter with The Sports. Adding beats, piano and synths over this co-produced track with Shane O’Mara; this was from the album, “Good Humour.” (1990) The remix by Simon Polinski is different enough and adds a few overdubs, beefing it up for the dancefloor.



Truetone Records ‎– 879 311-1SAM_4658

A Hell (You Put Me Through) (12″ Version)
B Hell (You Put Me Through) (7″ Version)

11 thoughts on “Tunes From Oz and Beyond Part 10 – (Mid 80’s to Early 90’s)”

  1. I don’t know what was wrong with Australia when Primitive Love Rites came out. Such a freaking genius of a song. One little question – is the link missing or am I losing my mind (apologies to Stephen Sondheim for appropriating another genius of a song).

  2. Mental As Anything – Rock And Roll Music (UK 12″) & Mental As Anything – He’s Just No Good For You (UK 12″) ‘LINKS are dead too – Thanks by advance for new links

  3. Mental As Anything – Rock And Roll Music (UK 12″) &
    Mental As Anything – He’s Just No Good For You (UK 12″)
    ‘LINKS are dead too
    Maybe for the next time… 😉

  4. Merci, merci merci beaucoup :-))
    I’m looking for => Mental As Anything – 1980 – (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet (B’side Single Vinyle)… who knows
    Thanks for all

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