Richard James Burgess ‎– Richard James Burgess (Mini LP)


Drummer, producer and ex-member of Landscape goes for a shot at solo fame via America.

Mmmmm what looked good on paper turns out to be a dog’s dinner of a 6-track mini album. John Luongo and Michael Brauer are even at the mixing desk but apart from the two singles that are already on here in the 12″ form (request if you would like to see them re-upped) there not much really to it. Pop funk, 60’s pastiche and a ballad that seem’s to be a Landscape rejected track.

Guest musicians include synth duo EBN/OZN and out of the army of session musicians- Bob Babbitt and Francisco Centeno on basses. Shame the actual tunes are a bit too safe and predictable.


Capitol Records ‎– MLP-15019richardfrontcov

A1 Breathless 3:10
A2 The Fugitive 3:32
A3 Thank You Ladies 3:42
B1 Beside Myself With You 3:49
B2 Your Love 3:22
B3 Swim To Me 3:42

12 thoughts on “Richard James Burgess ‎– Richard James Burgess (Mini LP)”

  1. Sorry for not saying thanks, I never found the notification post and only now realized that they show in my social media folder which I rarely look at! So I forgot about it until some other link brought me to this site and then I did remember I had requested a reup… then I tried the DL but it didn’t work for me… still doesn’t. Most file hosts do, for instance Sendspace which I notice you also use. So it’d be nice if you could upload this one there, also..?
    And yes I was still going to thank you… and now I might also thank in advance..?

      1. I’d thank again but unfortunately it may be better to give up: trying to open the Sendspace DL I got “file structure damaged”. Maybe the RJB album just isn’t meant for me. I’ll survive. 🙂

  2. OK, I don’t know if you had the go by now but not only do I get “The structure of the archive is damaged” with the RJB album – I now also DL’d the Fatal Charm “Christine” single and I get the same result… or I get that info from Stuffit Expander, while with BetterZip nothing at all happens (same with RJB). Now if nobody else has problems then I suppose the problem with the DLs from this site is at my end. Thanks for trying 🙂

      1. Oh, that explains it. Winrar only works with Windows. I have a Mac… perhaps you might consider a Mac-friendly compression tool also… but you don’t have to just for me. I may find the music elsewhere. I might still keep checking here for inspiration ;D

      2. That would be nice! You have a great site. There don’t seem to be too many 80s pop -oriented DL blogs on the net (compared to all the prog/psych/jazz from earlier decades etc)

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