Front 242 ‎– Masterhit (US 12″)

I always wondered what America thought of this weird trio from Belgium. The sounds and the image probably complimented the burgeoning electro/EBM/Industrial scene that was being spear headed by the Wax Trax! label from Chicago. The band spawned many imitators as they tapped into the American Alternative Electro scene. In Depeche Mode’s “101” concert documentary Front 242 T-shirts could be spotted.

The words at the start “I know you… and you sure know me!” are from Videodrome, a film about mind control though media.

Tough, hypnotic beats, yells and chants over 3 slightly different mixes.

Wax Trax! Records ‎– WAX 036master

A Masterhit (Part I – Masterblaster) 7:06
B1 Masterhit (Part II – Hypnomix) 4:31
B2 Masterhit (Part III – LP Edit Version) 4:59

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  1. “I always wondered what America thought of this weird trio from Belgium” – Still my favorite band since I discovered them in 1984 !

  2. P?! Ok CF30 years into it, her(TT:-\e:-)🤔😘 still isn&#821🏙️7;t a better EBM band!!!!

  3. btw, I just got the full Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic collection … this is the band he formed after dissolving the original SSS to re-record/update all their original stuff, or as Wikipedia puts it:

    Midway through 2009 Martin started to play live as Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic (SSSE) alongside Johann Weidemann (who took on the keyboards/ FX). This new incarnation aimed to take the original SSS songs and present them in a new electro style.

    In April 2011, a re-recorded mastered version of “Flaunt it” was released. Then, in June 2011, a limited 16 track mastered CD entitled “Revisited” was released which included a track called “Fascination” (originally a demo during the Sputnik 2 era) and a new, slower version of “Don’t Dabble…” entitled “Unknown Soul”. A selection of remixes made up the other tracks.

    October 2012 saw the release of “Electronic DNA”, an album full of new songs. Two video trailers were launched on YouTube over a three week period prior to the release – the first, showcasing a snippet of the track “Terror Bytes” & the second mixing a number of the songs. The album was formally released in both download and limited edition mastered CD formats. “Electronic DNA” was the last full album release under the SSSE name.

    SSSE released a new 12″ vinyl single entitled “Timex Kid” in 2015.

    Anyways, here is the full Love Missile F1-11 2014 – The Remixes (17 track digital only release):!VWI21SqR!t7VbOIIfaaUGZcBYZeHi26SlfJUPqjLMyiZxmdtQRss

    I also have the following, if you are interested in any of them (maybe at least the re-recorded FLAUNT IT album):


    2011 Flaunt It (10 track CD-R and digital download)
    2011 Revisited (16 track limited edition CD-R and 15 track digital download)
    2012 Electronic DNA (10 track CD-R and digital download)
    2013 Electronic DNA – The Remixes (16 track digital download)

    Extended Plays

    2009 Sputnik vs Bowie (initially a 6 track CD-R and digital download albeit in 2012, a further 2 tracks were included on the digital download via Reverbnation)
    2010 Futuatronik (4 track CD-R and digital download)
    2011 Fascination – The Remixes (Part 1) (8 track digital only release)
    2011 Fascination – The Remixes (Part 2) (7 track digital only release)
    2013 Cover to Covers (5 track digital only release)
    2013 Resurrection (4 track digital only release)
    2014 Love Missile F1-11 2014 – The Remixes (17 track digital only release)
    2015 Where Have All The Rock Stars Gone? – The Remixes (12 track digital only release)
    2015 Timex Kid (4 track 12″ and 6 track digital release)

    1. Encyclopedia of knowledge thanks !

    2. Winx,
      Let me jump on the Thank You Boat for this researched info and the download, much appreciated!! Wondered when something like this would happen, thanks!! How is the rest of their stuff & remixes, still sounding like a Strong SSS would sound??

      1. I think I love their original sound too much to appreciate their newer stuff, even before the breakup! But objectively, it’s definitely great! The re-recording of FLAUNT IT is pretty solid! I’ll send it to you tomorrow, and if you like it, I can upload the rest!

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