The Danse Society – Re-ups and additions. (Christmas Present 3)


Follower Christo wanted some Danse Society re-upping and I had a quick look through my blog and found only 3 posts featuring them!! I have way more than that so I thought I’d do a special post featuring all the vinyl from this influential and ground breaking band.

Formed in Barnsley, (Yorkshire) England in 1980. The original line-up included Steve Rawlings (voice), Paul Nash (guitar), Lyndon Scarfe (keyboards), Tim Wright (bass) and Paul Gilmartin (drums). Lyndon Scarfe was replaced by David Whitaker (formerly of band Music for Pleasure) after the Heaven is Waiting Album. They split up in 1986 and have since reformed, split then bizarrely split into 2 groups!

As of 2015, two versions of the Danse Society exist:

With female lead: Paul Nash (guitar), Maethelyiah (voice) Jack Cooper (bass), Ian Hunter (drums), Sam Bollands (keyboards)

With male lead: Paul Gilmartin (drums), Ade Clark (bass), Elliott Wheeler (guitar), Darran Guy (keyboards) and J Cridford (voice) – and each of them published a new record!


So in chronological order (of the stuff I have by them) so you can see how they eventually morphed into a bit of a Commercial Rock band from Indie Goth/ Post Punk beginnings.

Danse\Move (LTD 12″) Society Records ‎– SOCX 126

Dark, almost coldwave synths and gripping stuff



Society Records ‎– SOCX 126


A Danse / Move (Extended Club Mix) 8:37
B Danse / Move (Radio Mix) 5:08

We’re So Happy (12″)

With a re-up , follow the link below


Somewhere (12″)



Society Records ‎– Soc124dsomewhere

Somewhere 4:18
Hide 3:19
The Theme 10:21

Wake Up (12″)



Society Records ‎– SOC 125wake

A Wake Up 4:54
B1 The Seduction 3:52
B2 Arabia 4:24

Heaven Is Waiting (12″)



Society Records ‎– SOC 126 heaven

A Heaven Is Waiting (Extended Version) 5:27
B Lizard Man 5:40

2000 Light Years From Home (12″)

A splendid cover of The Rolling Stones track. The last single from the album “Heaven Is Waiting”



Society Records ‎– SOC 1272000

A 2000 Light Years From Home 5:00
B1 Seen The Light 2:55
B2 Angel (Self Indulgent Dub Mix) 5:05


Say It Again (Special Edition Club Mix) (12″)


Say It Again (2 x 12″ Gatefold)

Getting commercial, they had Simon Napier-Bell as a manager (Wham! Sinitta and Ultravox) this was released in 1985 and PWL did the main production!



Society Records ‎– SOC 128say

A Say It Again (Extended Danse Mix) 7:10
B Fade Away (She’s In Your Dreams) 3:20
Record Two (FSOC 128)
C Sensimilla 6:02
D Treat Me Right 4:00


Hold On (To What You’ve Got) (12″)

Updated links just follow the link


So some rarities but not the complete discography……Enjoy 🙂





Yello – Some Official Remixes (Christmas Present 2)


I managed to see the Godfather’s of Electronica in Stuttgart this year. (just a few months ago)

One word……Amazing!

For a true representation get hold of a copy of the live DVD “Live In Berlin”

We got a great view with quite a mixed and as you’d expect older, quite academic crowd. A few individuals were throwing their arms in the air but most ,like me,stood and took it all in with a satisfied grin on my face. Bucketlist gig ticked!

So Mike B, always on the ball, snaffled up the latest release,”Frautonium” on double 12″ vinyl and featuring legendary producer and mixer, Andrew Weatherall putting his spin on this track. Over four long and involving mixes. The final mix “Lombok” was done by longtime studio buddy Ian Tregoning.

Mmmm a tad self indulgent and meandering, glad I didn’t purchase as Weatherall adds to Blank’s futuristic, bleepy soundscape with his throbbing beats, with a slower tempo.Very hypnotic and deep.

Blank Media ‎– INKE3fraut

A Frautonium (Warehouse) 9:44
B Frautonium (Half-Life) 13:45
C Frautonium (Battery) 8:16
D1 Frautonium (Reactor) 6:40
D2 Frautonium (Lombok) 4:05


As a bonus Mike also included the much more lively (almost Techno) rework of “The Race” by Tomcraft released in 2003. This appeared as the bonus track on the lanet Da Da” single release which appears as 2 mixes on the B-side. One done by the band Northern Lite (Guitarist Larry Lowe) and Swedish producer Håkan Lidbo. So Lowe keeps it quite synth-poppy with lots of analogue sounds. Lidbo future-funks it up…nice.

Tomcraft (German DJ Thomas Brückner) had had a hit previously with”Loneliness” the previous year and revamps the track for the 21st Century.

Motor ‎– 981 102 1yellorace

A1 The Race 2003 (Tomcraft On Yello) 6:31
B1 Planet Dada (Northern Lite Remix) 4:51
B2 Planet Dada (Futuristic Funk) 4:34

Re – Uppage 17 *updated* (Bill Nelson, Jungle Brothers, White Town, SPK, Real Life)

A few requests…

Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire And Other Passions (E.P. 12″) For Mark


Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You ’98 (US 12″) For Winx


White Town – Your Woman + Remixes (2 x 12″) For Winx


SPK – Digital Ambigua, Gold And Poison (Vinyl LP) For Andie


Real Life – God Tonight (US 12″) For David






Gary Numan – The Re-ups (Christmas Pressie 1)

Follower Mark kindly (and very politely) asked if some of the Gary Numan links would be re-upped. It’s been a good year for Numan fans with the success of his latest album and a very successful tour. I managed to catch him on the first UK date in Liverpool back in July as part of the “50 Summers Of Love Festival” (the gig where we sat in front of the standing audience…weird experience!) He was on top form and the new stuff sounded great.

Love this Christmas based skit on “Our Friends Electric” very clever!

Gary Numan – She’s Got Claws (12″)


Gary Numan – We Take Mystery (To Bed) (12″)


Gary Numan – My Dying Machine (12″)



Gary Numan – Warriors (12″)










The Charlatans ‎– Over Rising (12″)

The last one by the mighty Charlatans and more of an E.P. than a single release. Released in February ’91 this saw the band trying to find a direction and using 4 different mix engineers in the process and using a new producer in David M. Allen

The lead track uses Mark Stent at the mixing desk and has more piano on it than usual and the psychedelic rock elements are back, almost a nod to the Roses. The cool and laidback groove of “Way Up There” mixed by Steve Power and having more than a little of The Doors about it.

On the B side Flood mixes the Chris Nagle produced “Opportunity Three”, dance groove, more electronic and aimed at the dancefloor but with some great guitar work, the highlight of the E.P. at 7 and a half minutes long and different than the one that appeared on “Melting Pot.”

Closing with the retro sounding “Happen To Die” mixed by Will Gosling and fading out just when it was getting going 😦

Situation Two ‎– SIT 76Toverfrontcov

A1 Over Rising
A2 Way Up There
B1 Opportunity Three
B2 Happen To Die

The Charlatans ‎– Then (12″)

The second of the trio and my personal favourite by them. “Then” was produced by Chris Nagle and the organ reminds me of Talk Talk in parts, it just a bit more atmospheric and darker. The “Alternate Take” is certainly that, with a bass synth and piano added to a more electronic sound, a nice surprise 🙂

Another quality B-side “Taurus Moaner” shows off how tight the band was as a musical unit, so much they included it twice, misprinted as an instrumental on the b-side.

Situation Two ‎– SIT 74 Tthenfrontcov

A1 Then
A2 Taurus Moaner
B1 Then (Alternate Take)
B2 Taurus Moaner (Instrumental)

The Wonder Stuff ‎– The Size Of A Cow (12″)

So more Indie Disco stuff with this release from The Stuffies from ’91, at the height of their popularity. Great production from Mick Glossop and typically short and snappy, The Wonderstuff kept everything under 3 minutes 30 seconds, even with the Elvis Presley impersonated ending! (The pictures are of Elvis fans)

As a bonus there are a couple of live tracks recorded at The Palace, Los Angeles in October 1990. (The Second British Invasion) “Radio Ass Kiss” from the album “Hup” takes the piss out of record pluggers and how to get exposure on radio, (the only way for success back then!) Finally there is a lively version of a track from their debut album “Eight Legged Groove Machine” the punky “Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More” (About consumerism, pretty obvious really)

The Far Out Recording Company ‎– GONEX 11sizefrontcov

A The Size Of A Cow
B1 Radio Ass Kiss
B2 Give, Give, Give, Me More, More, More.

The Charlatans ‎– The Only One I Know (12″)

The first of a trio of Charlatans twelves as we finish off our trip to the 90’s.

Their second release on Situation Two Records via their Dead Dead Good label, containing three short tracks. The Charlatans comprised of founder and bassist Martin Blunt, John Brookes the drummer, guitarist Mark Collins, with additional writing by Jon Day (a.ka. Baker). They were from the West Midlands although they seem to get categorized as a Manchester band. Singer Tim Burgess was originally from Salford but grew up in Northwich, Cheshire where the band relocated.

This was produced by Chris Nagle in true late 60’s psychedelic swirl. Showing an appreciation of the Stones with swirling organ and bass grooves.

As is the joy of this blog the B-sides get a mention. First is the instrumental “Imperial 109” showing off the sadly missed skills of Rob on the Hammond, John Brookes on drums – RIP gentlemen!

“Everything Changed” is just as good as the A-side. Frantic drumming and organ work akin to the Inspirals.

This made the Top 10 in June 1990 and here it is in all it’s raw, vinyl glory.

Situation Two ‎– SIT 70 Tonlyfrontcov

A The Only One I Know 4:00
B1 Imperial 109 (Edit) 3:44
B2 Everything Changed 3:23

The Beloved – Satellite (12″)

Twenty Two years old and still sounds a timeless. Wife and husband duo, Jon and Helena Marsh produced the real follow-up to their amazing debut release, “Happiness.” with the album “X”. Marsh had become a well respected House/Techno DJ since their debut release and had worked closely with Helena on this album which spawned a few minor hits. Commercial songs with a metronomic House beat all produced with Steve Fitzmaurice. The “Transformer Mixs” strip every thing down with Marsh’s vocals cooly slung over the top with added female vocals samples. The “Transmission Dub” is more Techhouse. The mix by Height 611 is a bit of a stonker; quite bassy  and repetitive but hits hard building into euphoric funk via “Flight of the Bumble Bee.”

EastWest ‎– EW034Tsatellite

A1 Satellite (Transformer Vocal) 8:26
A2 Satellite (Transmission Dub) 7:54
B1 Satellite (Height 611’s Kundalini Rising Mix) 8:46
B2 Satellite (Freedom Dub) 5:09


My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – International Sin Set (US Promo 12″)

So more MLWTTKK and the kitsch but funky “International Sin Set” from the ’91 album, “Sexplosion!” Inventive samples and quite commercial dance beats.

Naughtiness abounds on the “Leathersex” mix with heavy breathing akin to Tour De France by Kraftwerk!!! A bit reminiscent of housey Soft Cell.

More orchestra samples appear on “A Martini Built For 2” boogie loungecore…

More Kult here;

And an album here;

Interscope Records ‎– DMD 1913kult

A1 The International Sin Set (Remix) 3:36
A2 The International Sin Set (Extended Remix) 5:58
B1 Leathersex (Klub Mix) 8:36
B2 A Martini Built For 2 (Daddy-O Mix) 4:31