Swayzak ‎– Speak Easy (12″)


Just finishing off with a few bits and bobs before I return to warm, nostalgic comfort of the 80’s!

So this London duo of James S. Taylor and David Brown first worked together as Language Lab back in 1993. Swayzak was formed in ’97 and is still putting out stuff although only by Brown.

Specialising in the tech-house genre this is more electroclash in style, with sampled guitars and vocals from Richard Davies (a member of Berlin band, Dominique) and a catchy whistle sample. Sleazy, strip club music!

The “Harder Mix” was done by Christian Harder and turns everything up a notch.

A quite repetitive mix of another track by German production duo, Alter Ego finishes off the 12″, which came out in 2004! (Shhhhhhh!)

The name Swayzak comes from “związek” which means “union” in Polish.


Studio !K7 ‎– !K7174EPspeakfrontcov

A1 Speak Easy (Extended Version) 5:50
A2 Speak Easy (Harder Mix) 5:50
B Keep It Coming (Alter Ego Remix) 6:35

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