Yello – Some Official Remixes (Christmas Present 2)


I managed to see the Godfather’s of Electronica in Stuttgart this year. (just a few months ago)

One word……Amazing!

For a true representation get hold of a copy of the live DVD “Live In Berlin”

We got a great view with quite a mixed and as you’d expect older, quite academic crowd. A few individuals were throwing their arms in the air but most ,like me,stood and took it all in with a satisfied grin on my face. Bucketlist gig ticked!

So Mike B, always on the ball, snaffled up the latest release,”Frautonium” on double 12″ vinyl and featuring legendary producer and mixer, Andrew Weatherall putting his spin on this track. Over four long and involving mixes. The final mix “Lombok” was done by longtime studio buddy Ian Tregoning.

Mmmm a tad self indulgent and meandering, glad I didn’t purchase as Weatherall adds to Blank’s futuristic, bleepy soundscape with his throbbing beats, with a slower tempo.Very hypnotic and deep.

Blank Media ‎– INKE3fraut

A Frautonium (Warehouse) 9:44
B Frautonium (Half-Life) 13:45
C Frautonium (Battery) 8:16
D1 Frautonium (Reactor) 6:40
D2 Frautonium (Lombok) 4:05


As a bonus Mike also included the much more lively (almost Techno) rework of “The Race” by Tomcraft released in 2003. This appeared as the bonus track on the lanet Da Da” single release which appears as 2 mixes on the B-side. One done by the band Northern Lite (Guitarist Larry Lowe) and Swedish producer Håkan Lidbo. So Lowe keeps it quite synth-poppy with lots of analogue sounds. Lidbo future-funks it up…nice.

Tomcraft (German DJ Thomas Brückner) had had a hit previously with”Loneliness” the previous year and revamps the track for the 21st Century.

Motor ‎– 981 102 1yellorace

A1 The Race 2003 (Tomcraft On Yello) 6:31
B1 Planet Dada (Northern Lite Remix) 4:51
B2 Planet Dada (Futuristic Funk) 4:34

3 thoughts on “Yello – Some Official Remixes (Christmas Present 2)”

  1. Thank you so much for the Frautonium mixes. I didn’t hear about that 2*12″ until too late and couldn’t find a copy anywhere.

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