Gary Numan – The Re-ups (Christmas Pressie 1)

Follower Mark kindly (and very politely) asked if some of the Gary Numan links would be re-upped. It’s been a good year for Numan fans with the success of his latest album and a very successful tour. I managed to catch him on the first UK date in Liverpool back in July as part of the “50 Summers Of Love Festival” (the gig where we sat in front of the standing audience…weird experience!) He was on top form and the new stuff sounded great.

Love this Christmas based skit on “Our Friends Electric” very clever!

Gary Numan – She’s Got Claws (12″)


Gary Numan – We Take Mystery (To Bed) (12″)


Gary Numan – My Dying Machine (12″)



Gary Numan – Warriors (12″)










3 thoughts on “Gary Numan – The Re-ups (Christmas Pressie 1)”

  1. Fantastic stuff! What a great early Christmas treat. Very grateful for all your time and hard work re-upping the Numan and Nelson 12″ inches. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you. Cheers M

  2. Gary Numan – A great performer!! Last saw him on his Pleasure Principle 2010 Tour. Performed that album in its entirety (in Order). Watching him with his head down working his mastering while performing his songs from that album until the last track. Then picks up his guitar and just rocked the El Rey !! Awesome Sound & Show!!

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