The Wonder Stuff ‎– The Size Of A Cow (12″)

So more Indie Disco stuff with this release from The Stuffies from ’91, at the height of their popularity. Great production from Mick Glossop and typically short and snappy, The Wonderstuff kept everything under 3 minutes 30 seconds, even with the Elvis Presley impersonated ending! (The pictures are of Elvis fans)

As a bonus there are a couple of live tracks recorded at The Palace, Los Angeles in October 1990. (The Second British Invasion) “Radio Ass Kiss” from the album “Hup” takes the piss out of record pluggers and how to get exposure on radio, (the only way for success back then!) Finally there is a lively version of a track from their debut album “Eight Legged Groove Machine” the punky “Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More” (About consumerism, pretty obvious really)

The Far Out Recording Company ‎– GONEX 11sizefrontcov

A The Size Of A Cow
B1 Radio Ass Kiss
B2 Give, Give, Give, Me More, More, More.

One thought on “The Wonder Stuff ‎– The Size Of A Cow (12″)”

  1. You can always rely on the Stuffies to bash out a decent tune, of which this is one. Another band which became a bit too formulaic; but we still love ’em.

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