Boy George ‎– Same Thing In Reverse (US Promo 12″)

Classic house from Boy George (before he was a quite in-demand DJ) Released in 1995 and from his album “Cheapness and Beauty”

A good song wrapped up in a variety of mixes, a great message of empowering and believing in oneself. The “303” mix is a bit of a techno/house crossover remixed by Clubzone (German Trance DJ Mike Koglin and Ricardo Lyte) The other mixes are by Evolution ( a band in their own right including Barry Jamieson, Jon Sutton, Wesley Allen) and are full-on party house stuff, suiting George’s vocals perfectly. The “Country Queen” is unexpectedly different with acoustic guitar, fiddles and a full band sound!!!


Virgin Records America, Inc. ‎– SPRO-11052george

A1 Same Thing In Reverse (Kamikaze Full Popswish Mix) 7:00
A2 Same Thing In Reverse (303 Is Big Enough For Me Mix) 8:18
B1 Same Thing In Reverse (Brick In My Handbag Mix) 6:30
B2 Same Thing In Reverse (K.Y. Classic Dub) 4:00
B3 Same Thing In Reverse (Country Queen Mix) 3:33

Glam feat. Pete Burns – Sex Drive (US 12″)

More of a lost Dead Or Alive track than a solo effort by the late Pete Burns. Playful Italian duo produce Euro-dance. Glam were Ricci (Riccardo Testoni) & Moratto (Elvio Moratto) and they tried to fuse a few styles Italo, Hi-NRG and Euro into a bit of a cult classic with Burns distinct vocals all over it; released in 1994. The “Sexual Hard” is my prick (!) of the mixes.

Radikal Records ‎– HAL 12569sex

A1 Sex Drive (Single Cut) 4:27
A2 Sex Drive (Glam Drivin’ Mix) 5:07
A3 Sex Drive (Drivin’ Instrumental Mix) 4:24
B1 Sex Drive (DJ Ricci Hard Mix) 4:18
B2 Sex Drive (Sexual Hard Mix) 4:11
B3 Sex Drive (Acappella) 1:32

Various ‎– Remix Culture 11/92 (Human League, Terrorize, Bronski Beat, Club 69) (12″)

I’ve known quite a few dj’s in my time and for many it’s the thrill of having that exclusive remix that no one has hence the DMC subscription service, a remix service from the UK which still exists, founded by Tony Prince. DMC started first in February 1983 with cassettes, then in July 1984 they left the cassettes and started issuing on vinyl. There were one or more records with mixes and one or more records with previews.

This was from ’92 and contains 4 mixes and with most DMC stuff it can be a bit of a mixed bag. Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer) is given a routine remix by Sure Is Pure with bleeps working alongside piano, a bit of HiNRG feel to it. Terrorize (Shaun Imrei) has more of a rave feel to it care of Kevin Saunderson and Stacey Pullen with crystallized synth stabs and “wind effects”, a classic just made bigger.

The best mixes are the 80’s re-rubs. The Human League classic is given a mid-Eastern flavour by Steve Anderson. Bronski Beat is updated by Phil Kelsey, making it quicker and adding some ravey synths.

DMC ‎– DMC 118/4


A1 Human League Love Action (Steve Anderson Remix)
A2 Terrorize Just A Feeling (Kevin Saunderson & Stacey Pullen Remix)
B1 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy (Uncle Bob’s Black & White Cat Mix)
B2 Club 69 Let Me Be Your Underwear (Sure Is Pure Remix)

Erasure ‎– Rock Me Gently (Czech 12″)

So according to discogs this only got a release in Germany and the Czech Republic back in 1996! Featuring the distinct tones of Diamanda Galás on backing vocals this features a danced up mix by Phil Kelsey, progressive house stylee which is over 10 mins long!! (No Andy Bell vocals on here apart from right at the very end)

The “Combination Of Special Effects” version is truer to the original if you like the vocals through some vocoder effects (?) Live sounding drums give it a Trip Hop feel, especially with that long, weird middle section.

The “Bamboo” version doesn’t work at all, breakbeats and it seems to be played at the wrong speed.

Rare semi-instrumental ,”Chertsey Endlos” bounces along nicely with a bit of DEE-Lite


Mute Czechoslovakia ‎– 12NĚMÝ4SAM_4970

A1 Rock Me Gently (Phil Kelsey Mix)
A2 Chertsey Endlos
B1 Rock Me Gently (A Combination Of Special Events)
B2 Rock Me Gently (Bamboo)

Betty Boo ‎– Where Are You Baby? (US Promo 2 x 12″)

Still being very commercial and this little fun number from Betty Boo released in 1990. The original sampled lots of 60’s guitar and has a doo-wop feel to it. The main remixers here are Shep Pettibone, John Coxen and Ben Grosse and there are 9 mixes on offer here!

The “Shakedown” mixes again uses a harder bass line and add more jazzy organ, The “Rhythm Single” is the most like the single. The “Razormaid” mix is the pick of the mixes, if a little bassy! (Mike ?) – (This is how good this blog is, if we find a problem with a recording we fix it, what service!)

“King John Mix” has an electro bass added to it whilst clipping the guitar samples and overdubbing the beats and swirling everything around.


Sire ‎– PRO-A-4956betty

A1 Where Are You Baby? (Shakedown Mix) 7:35
A2 Where Are You Baby? (Dub Down) 6:57
A3 Where Are You Baby? (Dub Again) 3:54
B1 Where Are You Baby? (Razormaid Extended Mix) 5:35
B2 Where Are You Baby? (Instrumental) 3:44
C1 Where Are You Baby? (Rhythm Single Mix) 4:02
C2 Where Are You Baby? (Shakedown Single Edit) 3:46
D1 Where Are You Baby? (King John Mix) 7:12
D2 Where Are You Baby? (Album Edit) 3:50

Snap! ‎– The Power Remix ’96 (12″)

Re-charged to promote the release of a compilation album “Snap! Attack The Best Of Snap!” this featured rapper Einstein on A2 and B1. The “Power 12” mix speeds up the original and completely revamps the sounds of Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing (the producer brains behind the band) The 2 mixes featuring Einstein give it a Dance Hall.

The Original Dub is closer sounding to the original.


Arista ‎– 74321 39867 1

A1 The Power ’96 (Power 12″) 7:16
A2 The Power (Silk 7″) 3:53
B1 The Power ’96 (E=mc2 12″) 6:44
B2 The Power ’96 (Original Dub) 4:57

Wilson Phillips ‎– Give It Up (US Promo 12″)

The offspring of Brian Wilson (Carnie and Wendy) and the daughter of the John and Michelle Philips from the Mama and Papa’s, Chynna Philips and who says nepotism is a myth!

“Give It Up” was released in 1992 and was from their second albums, “Shadows and Light.” shades of Billy Ocean via Madonna with regards the instrumentation and co-written with producer Glen Ballard. Two mixes a piece from Francis Buckley and Keith Cohen it shines brightly with AOR clarity. Cohen’s mixes has heavier drums and guitars.

SBK Records ‎– SPRO-05477given

A1 Give It Up (Extended Version) 5:53
A2 Give It Up (Hit Version) 3:37
B1 Give It Up (Keith Cohen Extended Mix) 5:51
B2 Give It Up (Keith Cohen Mix) 3:59