Erasure ‎– Rock Me Gently (Czech 12″)

So according to discogs this only got a release in Germany and the Czech Republic back in 1996! Featuring the distinct tones of Diamanda Galás on backing vocals this features a danced up mix by Phil Kelsey, progressive house stylee which is over 10 mins long!! (No Andy Bell vocals on here apart from right at the very end)

The “Combination Of Special Effects” version is truer to the original if you like the vocals through some vocoder effects (?) Live sounding drums give it a Trip Hop feel, especially with that long, weird middle section.

The “Bamboo” version doesn’t work at all, breakbeats and it seems to be played at the wrong speed.

Rare semi-instrumental ,”Chertsey Endlos” bounces along nicely with a bit of DEE-Lite


Mute Czechoslovakia ‎– 12NĚMÝ4SAM_4970

A1 Rock Me Gently (Phil Kelsey Mix)
A2 Chertsey Endlos
B1 Rock Me Gently (A Combination Of Special Events)
B2 Rock Me Gently (Bamboo)

4 thoughts on “Erasure ‎– Rock Me Gently (Czech 12″)”

  1. Make that a pretty please, Matt and I seem to be thinking alike. I’d like to second his motion for this one. And thank you for all the great trax you share here. Erasure’s on tour now in the UK and the US in July starting in the southeast.

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