Re-uppage 10 (Sigue Sigue Sputnik, WAX, Pet Shop Boys, Alexei Sayle)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – all re-upped for Winx

Sigue Sigue Sputnik backstage bar photos

WAX – American English LP For Randy

WAX – Bridge To Your Heart For Rabbit In The Moon

WAX – Ball and Chain For Sarah


Pet Shop Boys – Club Remixes From Introspective Album For Gareth


Alexei Sayle – Ullo John Got A New Motor (12″) For Mr Likey (Stephen Scott)




Bazooka Joe – Sugar Island (Mini Vinyl LP)

Industrial-lite (via a bit of Goth rock influences) from UK trio of Bazooka Joe. Comprising of ex- Cassandra Complex member, Paul Dillon on vocals, Paul Fryer and Tim Daly on guitars (The Professor)

Lead track sounds like Carter USM, atmospheric second track that bursts into life with Shadow guitar, “The Heat” sounds a bit like the Sisters, “Hiding From The Rentman” is more guitar based. “Hometown” an excellent closer.

Play It Again Sam Records ‎– BIAS 98bazookafrontcov

A1 Sugar Island 3:58
A2 Soldiers’ Song (Parts 1 & 2) 7:10
B1 The Heat 5:18
B2 Hiding From The Rentman 3:56
B3 Hometown 5:12


The Triffids – Goodbye Little Boy (12″)

Aussie jangle guitar group (with added pedal steel) give us a 12″ release from their 1989 album “The Black Swan,” with breathy lead vocals from Jill Birt. This was remixed from the album by Stephen Street and as the video shows it’s a bit of a driving track.

A couple of decent B-sides sung by David McComb, “Shell Of A Man” is excellent with a blues piano and biting lyrics.

Island Records ‎– 12 IS 420goodbyefrontcov

A1 Goodbye Little Boy 3:25
B1 Go Home Eddie 2:36
B2 Shell Of The Man 3:57



They Might Be Giants ‎– Don’t Let’s Start E.P. (12″)


Early ‘Giants stuff where they were still using a drum machine and sequenced bass accompanying the Accordion with vivid guitar riffs  John Linnell and John Flansburgh brand of quirky pop with songs usually well under 3 minutes. Three more slices of quirk on the B-side with even a tribute to The Replacements, the waltzy “When It Rains It Snows” and the mad polka track with just these lyrics

“A famous person wears the same size water skis as me She’s got three cars as many years I’ve lived in this city. Her hair is blonde and mine is brown; they both start with a “b”

Report Records ‎– REPX1Tstartfrontcov

A Don’t Let’s Start
B1 We’re The Replacements
B2 When It Rains It Snows
B3 The Famous Polka

One Thousand Violins ‎– If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I’d Find A Way To Your Heart) (12″)


Jangle from Sheffield and Indie Pop to die for.  The five-piece were Colin Gregory (Guitar) (who went on to be in The Dylans), Darren Swindells (Bass), David Walmsley (keyboards and guitar) (who was in Spanish Prog Rock band Zebra), Ian Addey (drums) and Vince Keenan (vocals as John Wood) were active from 1985 till 1989.

Quality stuff produced by Neil O’Connor (Hazel’s brother and member of punk band The Flys) and Phil Tennant. Out of the 3 I love the witty “Almost Dead & Nigh On Forty Years To Go” drenched in organ and swirling guitars.

Report Records ‎– REPX1Tthousandfrontcov

A If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I’d Find A Way To Your Heart)
B1 Poet
B2 Almost Dead & Nigh On Forty Years To Go

Julian Cope – World Shut Your Mouth E.P. (12″)

So a busy day uploading the last of my 80’s twelves (for the meantime) all with a distinct Indie guitar flavour.

This four track E.P. was released in 1992 to promote the compilation “Floored Genius” , all the tracks were from the 80’s (so they sort of count to be uploaded at the mo). Indie anthem “World Shut Your Mouth” has had a slight remix/polish by Alan Moulder but is a glorious introduction into the sound of Cope. The title was from the album “Saint Julian,” a good introduction to his quirky power pop.

“Reynard The Fox” follows from 1984 and off his debut album, “Fried”, an epic, dark autobiographical journey with the riff that appeared on Beck’s “Devils Haircut” All about foxhunting.

“Doomed” is next a weird acoustic number, with mumbled lyrics. The opening track from 1989 album, “Skellington” it is again dark but live sounding.

Finally, “I’ve Got Levitation” is back to jangle indie rock, powerful driving stuff. A good little introduction to his work.

Island Records ‎– 12 IS 534worldfrontcov

A1 World Shut Your Mouth 3:13
A2 Reynard The Fox 6:18
B1 Doomed 2:38
B2 I’ve Got Levitation 3:00




Re-uppage 9 (Rhythm Device, Doppelganger, Wax, Malcolm McLaren,

Rhythm Device – Acid Rock (12″) For DJ Tim


Doppelganger – Communication Breakdown For Winston


WAX – Ball and Chain (US 12″) For Sarah K









Malcolm McLaren – Soweto (12″) For Paulo X


T99 – Slidy (12″)


New Beat ? What was that all about?

From 1988 and from Belgium and on the “Who’s That Beat?” label. Mastered at FOON Mastering Center, Lier, Belgium. It did tick all the New Beat boxes. So this is an early incarnation of T99, comprising of the duo of Phil Wilde and Patrick De Meyer.

Odd samples (Beverley Hills Cop) and whispered but cheesy vocals. The instrumental is bearable as a bit of synth dance.

Who’s That Beat? ‎– WHOS 4whofrontcov

A1 Slidy (Extended Version) 5:14
B1 Slidy (Emergency Version) 2:51
B2 Slidy (Instrumental Version) 4:26


Penthouse 4 ‎– Bust This House Down (12″)


Early UK House from ’88 with their only hit and first release. Comprising of producers Jim Hawkins and Steve Warwick with vocalist Steve Myers. Probably too commercial at the time for the Club DJ’s but it does come with a couple of mighty fine Freddy Bastone mixes (nice phasing on the main mix) with funky sax and large, kicking bass.

As with a lot of vinyl (eu naturale) there always seems to be a bit of noise at the start so do bare with it

“Easy B Side” does what it does on the tin, Electro Boogaloo beats over the vocals until the rocky backing track kicks in.

Syncopate  ‎– 12SY 10pentfrontcov

A Bust This House Down (John Shaft’s Mix) 7:32
B1 Bust This House Down (John Shaft’s Dub Mix) 4:50
B2 Easy B Side 3:28

Doug Lazy – Let It Roll (US 12″)

Aaaaah! Hip-house! and a classic from 1989 from Doug Lazy. All 808 beats and deep grooves.

Written and produced by Doug Lazy with mixing done with Raze producer Vaughan Mason. 119 b.p.m. if truth be known, it’s all about the bassline and those chimes. Love the DJ tool, “Lazypella” (already for an update)


Atlantic ‎– 0-86407SAM_8695

A1 Let It Roll (Vocal) 5:40
A2 Let It Roll (Instrumental) 6:08
B1 Let It Roll (Dub) 5:51
B2 Let It Roll (Lazypella) 3:30