Level 42 ‎– Guaranteed (12″)

Level 42’s relevance in the 90’s ? (discuss)

Now signed to another major, RCA, after being on Polydor the pressure was obviously on to reclaim the magic. Mmmm same formula and a bit of the same result, a bit of a flop only reaching 17 in the charts. Now a trio of Mark King, Mike Lindup and drummer Gary Husband (plus various session guitarists) they stuck with what they knew, vocal harmonies, big choruses, the Mike Lindup vocal bit and the chugging bass and keyboards.

The New Avengers Mix by is a little disappointing by Pete Lorimer, who muddies the song with some extra bleeps , effects and beats. He even uses a sample from DM’s “World In My Eyes”!!! Steve Anderson of the Hit Factory, NYC does a better job with swirling effects and more funk guitars, like the piano bit at the end too.

Another hidden, quality B-side and could have been the A-side. Catchy as hell.


RCA ‎– PT 44746garryfrontcov

A Guaranteed (The New Avengers Mix)
B1 Guaranteed (Wheel Spin Warrior Mix)
B2 All She Wants

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