Hallowe’en Break (Whodini V Ministry)

So as Mike so recently reminded me, it’s the Scare Festival tonight. Not really feeling it this year with Parents not being well, job stuff etc….but heh!

I am going to present both sides of Hallowe’en. The Fun and The Dark.

Whodini – Haunted House Of Rock (US 12″)

From 1983 and going overboard on the sound effects, Whodini uses a super-catchy horror-cheese synth-line with a real bass. It sounds a bit Human League in places.

The Haunted Mix has some quite eerie effects, spooky dub lifted from the middle of the extended version. The Vocoder Version replaces all rap with a throaty vocoder chant.

A DJ friendly Accapella version will entice any DJ to get experimental.





Jive ‎– JD1-9026haunted

A1 The Haunted House Of Rock (Extended Version) 6:33
A2 The Haunted House Of Rock (Haunted Mix) 4:29
B1 The Haunted House Of Rock (Vocoder Version) 5:27
B2 The Haunted House Of Rock (Acapella) 1:50

Ministry – Stigmata (Remix) (US 12″)

From 1988 and Not that bloody crap Ministry track (Everday “Is Hallowe’en) “Stigmata” is a terrifying, industrial monster. Trent Reznor must of heard this, with the repetitive rifts and deranged screamed vocals amidst a waves of distortion and feedback.

“Tonight We Murder” is even more of a Hallowe’en themed track. Slower and moodier and horrifying.


Sire ‎– 0-21113stig

A Stigmata (Remix) 6:57
B Tonight We Murder

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