Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Zoolook / Oxygene VI (Remixed By Mosaic) (German 12″)


A couple from Jarre tonight with this odd little early 90’s remix of 2 of his less well known tracks. To give them credit they are not bad interpretations by German trio Sven Väth, Matthias Hoffmann and Steffen Britzke. The beats date it to hell, but there is a certain charm to them. “Oxygen VI” is the less cringeworthy…. Rave Jarre!

Polydor ‎– 867 145-1jarre1

A Zoolookologie (Transform Mix) 6:54
B Oxygene VI (Open Minded Mix 1) 6:21


  1. musicus · November 1, 2017

    Wow, didn’t know about these, thank you! Love the Frankfurt sound from the time. Is It Serious also by Mosaic, their remix of Deja Vu by Spliff

  2. musicus · November 1, 2017

    The remix of Is it serious that is…

    • djjedredy · November 1, 2017

      Not sure musicus my old brain can’t do early 90’s eurocentric dance stuff 🙂

      • musicus · November 1, 2017

        Haha, the Brits 😉

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