The Jack Rubies ‎– Bullfighters’ Disco Remix (US 12″)

London indie band had this released back in 1990 only in the States on TVT Records. A bit of a novelty release from this well respected band, made up of Ian Wright, (vocals and guitars) Lawrence Giltane, (Percussion) Stephen D. Ineson (Guitars and harmonica) and Steve Brockway (Bass) Formed in the late 80’s they had minor Indie hit with “Be With You.”

Featuring mixes by Carl Segal. This kitsch instrumental which seems inspired by Spaghetti Westerns and probably the success of the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack around the time. Additional synth horns and samples from Andy Marvel and plenty of strummed acoustic guitar make it a fun listen. Not much difference between the mixes, the edits are the extended versions, the crude version has the spittoon effect left in!!!

TVT Records ‎– TVT 2576-1jack

A1 Bullfighters’ Disco Dance (The Crude Edit)
A2 Bullfighters On The Radio
B1 Bullfighters’ Disco Dance (The Polite Edit)
B2 Bullfighters’ Disco (Original)


3 thoughts on “The Jack Rubies ‎– Bullfighters’ Disco Remix (US 12″)”

  1. What an odd little track – but still good enough to download and listen to again (I tend to play the YouTube link you list to see if it’s my cup of tea before taking the plunge).

    Never heard of these lads before (but I’m in Australia, please don’t hold that against me) – is any of their other music in this vein?

      1. Excellent! I’m nearing the start of 2014 in my trek towards the birth of this blog. You had another one before it that was deleted? Kudos to you for picking up and moving on so stoically. This is an amazing collection of tracks.

        I also follow a blog called Burning the Ground that you may know of. Kinda similar vein to yours, but a more dance remix bent. Digging up long lost classics. And just like you, done for love.

        I hope I don’t come across as a stalker, but as a fellow blogger (and one who deserted his own blog when there was a lack of feedback) I think it’s important to share your thoughts when you have them.


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