Re-uppage 11 (Roger Christian, George Michael, The Temptations)

I’m back from N.Y.C. an amazing experience that will stay with me forever. A few words to sum it all up;


Car horns,


Slightly smelly,

Proud citizens,

Expensive beer,

Tasty food,


Roger Christian – Worlds Apart (12″) For Les



George Michael – Monkey (12″) For Stephen (Mr Likey-Likey)


The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone ’87 Remix (12″) For Stephen (If you Like you will receive)





6 thoughts on “Re-uppage 11 (Roger Christian, George Michael, The Temptations)”

  1. Fine selection of words! For New York, about right (never been yet!!). probably a little shaken with the time difference and that was quick for a return flight. Any vinyl?

    1. Got half a dozen bits, Pete Shelley promo, Assembly 12″ some Dolby related stuff. Was interesting, generally vinyl was a bit more expensive. Did most of the Record stores in Greenwich village 😀

  2. Only SLIGHTLY smelly? I’ve visited Sydney and Melbourne (the two largest cities in Australia) and they STINK. I can’t imagine what NY would reek of.

    And in my backward digging my request list has grown absurdly and embarrassingly long. I’m wondering if I email you the list or just request re-ups every day or two. From 808 State to Yazoo, the Shirelles and Flying Lizards, Icehouse, Paul Simon and the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (and all what-not in-between), you have an astonishing library that I want in MY library 🙂

  3. glad you enjoyed your visit. as a long-time resident of NYC, i’m surprised you didn’t add “rude” to the list. LOL. although we’d like to think we’re just loud, proud and slightly neurotic. not many demure wallflowers here.

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