Candy Dulfer – Saxuality (12″)


This is rather cool and unusual to start off the 90’s. Candy Dulfer, who came to the everyone’s attention via the hit with David A. Stewart, “Lilly Was Here,” steps up the funk with this from 1990. Cue innuendo on what is a jazz/pop with a go-go beat. Ben Liebrand gives it a meaty remix but it is the fast and furious Susan Rogers (Prince, Jackson) mix that steals the show.

B-side was penned by her Dad, Hans Dulfer and is slow and smooth with some vocals from Hugh Kanza, Patricia Balrak and Wies Ingwersen. The closing track from the album, “Saxuality.”

RCA ‎– PT 43770sax

A Saxuality (Ben Liebrand Mix)
B1 Saxuality (Susan Rogers Mix)
B2 Home Is Not A House

3 thoughts on “Candy Dulfer – Saxuality (12″)”

  1. She raps? No Candy. Please don’t do that.

    As the immortal Prince once uttered “cause when I want sax, I call Candy (Candy Candy)”. All hail the new king. Partyman.

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