MCL (Micro Chip League) ‎– New York / Communicate (US 12″)


So I’m off to NYC tomorrow for a week, never been so don’t know what to expect, some say it smells!

The Micro Chip League (Alexander Henninger & Ken Taylor) relying heavily on bass synths and drum machines. “New York” builds up the atmosphere with menacing bass and the cheesy “New York” show theme and electronic voices.

“Communicate” comes in 3 mixes, all very cheesy, “Peking Walk” with oriental samples and sounds. Old Skool American dance clobber from the Houston club scene.

Oak Lawn Records ‎– OLR-129mcl

A1 New York (Double-New York-Mix) 6:45
A2 New York (Dance Floor Cut) 5:07
B1 Communicate (Atomik Part) 5:55
B2 Communicate (Peking Walk) 4:27
B3 Communicate (Atomik Beats) 2:31

8 thoughts on “MCL (Micro Chip League) ‎– New York / Communicate (US 12″)”

  1. First time in NYC?

    Why not pretend you’re Suzanne Vega and sit at the counter of the diner on the corner… 😉 (this is the Diner she sings about 😀 )

    Also find the Ghostbusters Firestation (its real!):

    Another Ghostbusters location… spook central:

    Bets of all though, just wandering the streets is so cool, finding odd little stores and cool backstreets!

      1. Glad to hear you made it safe (how long was the flight)!
        How was the PF’s show?
        At least you have some decent weather over there. Here in California it will be about 103 (roughly 39-40 Celsius).

  2. Glad to hear your safe, how long (time wise) was your trip over?
    The P.F.’s put on a good show for you?
    At least you have some comfortable weather in N.Y. area!
    Here in California it’ll be about 103 F (approx 40C / Celsius).
    Yep it will be a cooker!!

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