Re-uppage 9 (Rhythm Device, Doppelganger, Wax, Malcolm McLaren,

Rhythm Device – Acid Rock (12″) For DJ Tim


Doppelganger – Communication Breakdown For Winston


WAX – Ball and Chain (US 12″) For Sarah K









Malcolm McLaren – Soweto (12″) For Paulo X




  1. ** Mike B. ** · October 20, 2017

    And here I was thinking that the DJ had left the building and on US soil!! Apparently not so again will he be back for Halloween?
    It’s amazing how people request stuff and bring stuff to light (never heard of mixes).
    So went on a search, easy to find, not my rip a direct share to Djjedredy & Blog fans.
    Re-converted to MP3 320 (hope it’s ok!!).

    Malcolm McLaren – Call A Wave – Promo Vinyl Mixes – m4a & MP3.rar

  2. winston · October 20, 2017

    Thank you for Doppelganger, appreciate it!

  3. Rabbit In The Moon · October 21, 2017

    Awesome …. all three rock!!! do you also have the BRIDGE TO YOUR HEART 12″

    • djjedredy · October 21, 2017

      Search and it’s been re-upped 🙂

  4. Hugh · October 21, 2017

    Thank you for MM. Those early records of his were brilliant.

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