Zip – Your Love (12″)

What’s in a name ? Only if it’s an obscure side project by legend Pete Shelley!

From 1988 and it sees him working with producer John Fryer and the only release from the trio. Pete Shelley – Guitar, Vocals, Gerrard Cookson – Guitar and Programming  and Mark Sanderson – Bass.

It is typical Shelley with pop songs hiding under a layer of electronics. The B-side is even better, blending punk rock guitar and sequencers.

See I do post the odd gem 🙂

Immaculate Records ‎– 12 IMMAC 5zipbackcov

A1 – Your Love – 3:21

A2 – Give It To Me (Ext) – 5:52

B – Your Love (Ext) – 6:44



  1. Ian · October 13

    Not heard this before. Didn’t even know it exists. But you’re right, that is a little gem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ** Mike B.** · October 13

    I’ll agree with Ian, I’ve never heard this before, must be that a djjedredy is digging a little deeper with selected cuts!! Didn’t realize that Mr. P.S. was in this lineup, either!!
    BTW thanks for this 👍☺

    • djjedredy · October 13

      Ha! the original rhyme animal is back on his bloggness. I still find some gems 😗

  3. Martyn · October 21

    New one on me, thank you!

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