Sly & Robbie ‎– A Dub Experience (Vinyl LP)


I have records too 🙂

So this was a very pleasant listen, a 1985 release from Island Records, a bit of introduction to Dub for the curious (Part of the Island ‘Reggae Greats’ series). Exclusively  mixed by Paul ‘Groucho’ Smykle with Stephen Street. This truly showcases the talent of Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar, legends of the reggae/dub scene and is essentially a dub version of Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, The Tamlins, Junior Delgado, Flabba Holt and Bobby Floyd. Short but very inventive and absolutely timeless!!

Island Records ‎– IRG 7slyrobfrontcov

A1 Destination Unknown 4:30
A2 Assault On Station 5 3:29
A3 Joy Ride 3:36
A4 Demolition City 5:35
B1 Computer Malfunction 4:57
B2 Jailbreak 3:53
B3 Skull & Crossbones 2:55
B4 Back To Base 4:08


  1. ** Mike B.** · October 12

    Ok, Mr. I have records too!! Believe you do, let’s hear them !!

    Seems like the visit to Prague & the bloody Hell house you visited may have thrown some obstacles in the way of blogging!?

    Not to mention Matt & Stephen may have your work cut out for you with their re-ups (Ha Ha – A Good Thing !!)

    Be safe, stay well, and happy travels !!

    • djjedredy · October 13

      Off to the Big Apple in a few weeks! Will bring a few things back 😀

      • ** Mike B.** · October 13

        Do you have any 90’s📥, Not till you get back? Enjoy your ✈ !!

        Maybe you can take the Y Key Operators with you to help promote them or advertise for them over there!

        I’ll have some more Aussie stuff to share when you return.

        Enjoy the P.F’s show!!

      • djjedredy · October 13

        Thanks Mike it’s not till next Sunday so I’m going to post off all the 80’s stuff and start with 90s when I get back. I have about 15 vinyls plus your stuff so it’ll keep the blog full till December 😁

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