Cabaret Voltaire ‎– Hypnotised (Remixes) (12″)

Thanks for reminding but also I’m a massive Cabaret Voltaire fan and there is loads of stuff on here – Request away but on the corresponding post, this time you’ll need to be more specific 🙂

Slipping into the current 80’s theme was this old skool classic from 1989, taping into Acid House by using the distinct skills of a Guy Called Gerald adding edginess to what was a smooth slice of early house that used Ten City as background vocalists.

Gerald adds the bollocks with a hypnotic bass and drum pattern to his mixes. Mark Brydon and Robert Gordon (Fon Force) give us a nice little electro influenced dub version.

Although the Cabs own “Western Works” mix is my pick of the punch. Cut-up samples and inventive acid sounds; accessible but edgy it just needed some of Malinder’s vocals.

Parlophone ‎– 12RX 6227cabhype

A1 Hypnotised (A Guy Called Gerald’s Music Mix) 6:07
A2 Hypnotised (The Fon Force Mix) 2:38
B1 Hypnotised (The Western Works Mix) 5:50
B2 Hypnotised (Gerald’s Vocal Mix) 5:03

One thought on “Cabaret Voltaire ‎– Hypnotised (Remixes) (12″)”

  1. Djjedredy (New European Traveler),
    On the cab Volt 12 inch category (normally I do not like requesting music away from people’s busy life schedules but I’ve actually realized that I am missing a few 12’’s by CV).
    If you have any, of the other Hypnotized purple cover or other than the 1 I had sent, great also the Keep On 1st one I have the remixed 12’’of that song (Mayday/Sleaze mix) and the Easy Life and the one following it, I do not have at all !!
    If you have them and when time permits – GREAT!!
    Thanks – Mike B.

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