Section 25 – Crazy Wisdom (12″)


Another rare indie gem from Mike. For fans of Factory Records and the New Order try this one from label mates Section 25, originally from Blackpool, Lancashire. This was released in 1985, after their synth classic “Looking From A Hilltop” (which I really need to pick up!!)

Formed by brothers Larry and Vin Cassidy in 1978. They gigged with Joy Division

The main track was produced by Bernard Sumner and Dojo (drummer with A Certain Ratio)

“Dirty Disco II” is a fab bass and synth workout and it appeared on their first album “Always Now” from 1981, rawily produced by Martin Hannett  This is re-recorded version with the help of a shedload of synths and added bass sequencers

Contrastingly the “Guitar Waltz” is a gentler, folk-tinged (it even has flute!) vocals being shared between the Cassidy clan.

Factory Benelux ‎– Fbn 45crazy

A Crazy Wisdom
B1 Dirty Disco II
B2 The Guitar Waltz

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