Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn (12″)

Another track from a Mute Records artist. Following their distinct formula of a frantic, sequenced bassline with the odd bit of metal bashing and lots of shouting. “International Funk Aggression” it says on the sleeve – The 4 is on the front because it was released in April ’87. Produced with Germanic precision by Phil Harding, label boss Daniel Miller remixes the 7″ and the instrumental making it a short, sharp hit.

The birth of EDM.

If you want any more Nitzer re-upped (there is a load on here just comment on the corresponding post 🙂

Mute ‎– 12MUTE58body

A Let Your Body Learn 6:27
B1 Let Your Body Learn (Instrumental) 3:08
B2 Let Your Body Learn (Seven Inch Edit) 2:50

3 thoughts on “Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn (12″)”

  1. would definitely appreciate some more nitzer ebb uploads, especially limited 12″s. only see this and hearts & minds here currently. thanks!

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