Landscape – Norman Bates (12″)

A quirky classic from 1981 and the suitably claustrophobic sounding, “Norman Bates.” The chorus features some soaring synths that Numan would have been proud of. (Yamaha CS80 and a modular Roland System 100 btw.) Unfortunatley there is no dramatic voice-over which was provided by Peter Marinker which appeared on the album version. Landscape were foremost a jazz group that turned to synthesizers and you can tell they were with the space- jazz noodle of the b-side, a 3 parter straight from the album.

The promo video features a young Pamela Stephenson.


RCA ‎– PC 5375normanfrontcov

A Norman Bates
B From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars … To The Hell-Holes Of Uranus
Bi Beguine
Bii Mambo
Biii Tango

One thought on “Landscape – Norman Bates (12″)”

  1. Always great to be introduced to the other music from the one-hit wonders of my youth. What an awesome track. I don’t recall it even having airplay at all here in Oz.

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