Japan – Visions Of China / Canton (US 12″)

Scouring my blog there is a distinct lack of Japan on here so I was very pleased when Mike B sent this over. So this is the US release with a “special” version by Steve Nye of the A-side (not sure if it’s not dissimilar to the normal 7″ mix) sounding like nothing else at the time it still sounds other worldly now, timeless and unique. The dramatic instrumental “Canton” as the B-side, with that distinct Mick Karn fretless bass and taken from the album “Tin Drum.”

“I’m walking young and strong

But just a little too thin

I may be happy But I don’t have a clue to this life in my mind”

Their fantastic cover of “All Tomorrows Parties” plus some live tracks is over here…


The similar but different “Cantonese Boy” twelve inch is over here…


(I’ve put up the normal UK sleeve instead…far more arty than the plain inner)


Epic ‎– 49-02756vision

A – Visions Of China – 3:37

AA – Canton – 5:30

4 thoughts on “Japan – Visions Of China / Canton (US 12″)”

    1. Yeah..Well I was the sucker buying it and usually when it’s a special version, I would believe CBS/EPIC that it was indeed special (Luckily I only paid 29c US for it at Aaron’s in Hollywood in the late 80’s). Next…..

      Damn company along with other companies releasing some 12’’s with SV’s & LV’s and the long version is only about 15-30 secs longer, then we can move on to same song versions on both sides of the 12er (nothing else on there). Un-freakin’ believable!!!

      Their marketing technique really amazes me!!

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