Double Trouble + The Rebel MC ‎– Just Keep Rockin’ (US Promo 12″)

Mainstream (but forgotten) Hip-House from 1989 and their follow-up to “Street Tuff.” (they were called Double The Trouble in the States because there was already a Blues band called Double Trouble)

Sampling the classic Ska track, “I’ll Take You There ” by The Staple Singers, Double Trouble were the trio of Leigh Guest, Karl Brown and the late Michael Menson. The raps provided by Michael West (Rebel M.C.) who went on to a pioneering Jungle Artist.

There is not much different between the more familiar (radio version) “Sk’ouse” mixes, which has that Ska flavour and made it a huge hit at the time. The track is very different on the other mixes, more harder, electro sounding and with plenty of well known soundbites. A forgotten, old skool gem.

Desire Records ‎– 889 971-1SAM_9525

A1 Just Keep Rockin’ (HipHouse Mix) 5:00
A2 Just Keep Rockin’ (HipHouse Remix) 5:22
A3 Just Keep Rockin’ (Dub Remix) 3:33
B1 Just Keep Rockin’ (Sk’ouse Remix) 5:39
B2 Just Keep Rockin’ (Original Sk’ouse Remix) 4:55

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