UB40 Guest Vocals By Chrissie Hynde ‎– I Got You Babe (12″)

If you have requested a re-up (Billy Idol, The Parachute Club, Icehouse, Oran Juice Jones etc…..) all should have been given a new link.

Commercial 80’s twelve inch weekend.

So I always inwardly cringe when I post something so obvious on here but it gets lots of views, maybe because of the less listened extended version or B-side dub or track that people who had the original vinyl have not heard for an age. So the weekend is going to be dedicated to big old 80’s tune…..enjoy!

From 1985 and a huge hit that year for UB 40 and The Pretender’s Chrissie Hynde , covering the Sonny Bono classic in the bands electronic reggae style. (They had the most success with these covers, “Red Red Wine” was massive) Produced with long time studio partner Ray Falconer, it has more synth stuff than you would first imagine. The Dub is suitably harder sounding. Two bonus tracks appear on the B-side, the instrimental “Theme…” and the classic dub reggae of “Up And Coming M.C.” Proto D and B ?


DEP International ‎– DEP 20-12babefrontcov

A1 UB40 feat. Chrissie Hynde I Got You Babe 3:08
A2 UB40 I Got You Babe (Dub Version) 4:11
B1 UB40 Theme From Labour Of Love 3:54
B2 UB40 In Dub Up And Coming M.C. 3:50





  1. Sam Lowry · July 22

    Really like this 12 inch and not only for the A side. Theme From Labour Of Love is of course the instrumental of Don’t Break My Heart, another one of their fine singles

  2. Winx · July 23

    Massive song …. excellent band … saw UB40 live when his brother took over vocal duties and Ali Campbell solo in the same year … great stuff!

    My 7″ of this song had “Breakfast In Bed” on the flipside, another great song … do you have that one too by any chance?

  3. Martyn · August 2


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