The Reels – The Reels (US Promo Vinyl LP)

Sneakily slipping this in from 1979 and some Antipodean post punk with some synths thrown in as well. So sounding a bit like Boomtown Rats with some XTC thrown in. The band line-up was Paul Abrahams (Bass), John Bliss (Drums), Craig Hooper (Guitar & Synth), David Mason (Vocals), and Colin Newham on keyboards, saxophone and guitar.

Produced by legendary Aussie producer Mark Opitz there few ska influenced tracks, especially on their debut single “Love Will Find A Way.” Some choice cuts are The Blockheads sounding funk of, “Wonder Why”

Great invention with the added synth noises giving it an extra sonic dimension.

Shame it’s not the Aussie version with the extra tracks!

Polydor ‎– PD-1-6275reels

A1 Plastic Pop 2:07
A2 Baby’s In The Know 3:04
A3 Love Will Find A Way 3:14
A4 Don’t Get Me Wrong 4:50
A5 Wonder Why 3:24
A6 Misused, Abused 3:47
B1 Prefab Hearts 3:07
B2 Spot The Ridge 3:56
B3 Apathy 3:06
B4 Go Away 3:08
B5 The Meeting 4:24
B6 Livalafaway 2:35


  1. ** Mike B. ** · July 16, 2017

    Agree! (I’ll have to work on that one as shipping from Oz is about AUS $20-25 like European countries). Then after the 2nd or 3rd purchase it jumps to AUS $50-55.

    For 2 extra tracks I agree, I’ll be focusing on buying more from these guys (For Sure!!).
    In the meantime a CD format edition. I have a greatest hits – The Reels titled “Reel To Reel” 1978-1992 (Australian Edition out in 2007). If anyone is interested here for public or to Djjedredy if he’s up to a dare for the blog!?

    • djjedredy · July 16, 2017

      Heh! Mike no pressure ! Keep em coming! 🙂

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