Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly ‎– Live In Los Angeles (Double Vinyl LP)

Another one from Bass-meister Tony Shep and this took ages to record and put up. (2 Zip Folders!!!) A great slice of soul/funk from Frankie Beverly and Maze recorded at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles back in 1986. For connoisseurs of smooth soul, the musicianship is top class with some long improvised jams with Beverly holding the audience in his hands. It was probably the full gig. Some slight noise on a few early tracks but I’ve kept it pretty much like the vinyl. Love the way the cover has been misprinted with Frankie Beberly , bet he wasn’t pleased. The last 4 tracks are strangely all from the studio with “Freedom (South Africa)” a gauge of the times and the funkiest protest song I’ve ever heard.

Record 1

Record 2

Capitol Records ‎– ESTSP 24mazefrontcov

Running Away
Too Many Games
I Wanna Thank You
Happy Feelings
Feel That You’re Feeling
I Want To Feel I’m Wanted
We Are One
Joy And Pain
Before I Let Go
Back In Stride
Freedom (South Africa)
I Wanna Be With You
Dee’s Song
When You Love Someone


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