L.A. Dream Team ‎– She Only Rock And Rolls (US 12″)


More commercial sounding Hip-Hop with a rock edge. Think all those Rock/Hip-Hop hybrid tracks and this was one of the first, from 1988. L.A. Dream Team seemed to be a bit of a manufactured posse mostly from Cleveland. Included are Chris “Snake Puppy” Wilson and his mate Rudy Pardee,  Lisa “Miss Rockberry” Love and The Real Richie Rich (who went on to do a lot of other collaborations) The main track has a killer Salt N Peppa type groove with some meaty guitar coming in remixed by Keith Cohen and is actually nearly 8 mins long, not 4 something as the sleeve mentions. The B -side track is quite synthy but rather cheesy (in a Sparkie the Piano way) a the vocoder ballad called, “Stop To Start” more R& B than Hip Hop.



MCA Records ‎– MCA-23846dreamm2

A She Only Rock And Rolls (Dance Mix) 7:50
B1 She Only Rock And Rolls (Instrumental) 4:38
B2 Stop To Start 3:59

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