Kraftwerk ‎– Computerwelt (German 12″)


Last of the Kraftwerk twelves…..

From 1982 and their only real remix, very different from the album version and something I had never heard before!! Karl Bartos’s influence is all over this with proto- techno feel to it. Mike has split the B-side into 2 tracks (might be sacrilege to some fans) and I’m liking the sheer percussive, hypnotic power of “Numbers” without the large synth washes that come in on “Computerwelt 2″ . Both are similar (if not the same) as the album versions.

Kling Klang ‎– 1 C K 062-46 379 Zcomputer

A Computerwelt 5:05
B1 Nummern 3:19
B2 Computerwelt 2 3:21


  1. Winx · June 23, 2017

    There was a killer breakbeat song in 2000 based on this track called “Precious Little Fantasy”, which used the entire background music (like Bambaataa did with Planet Rock) and femal vocals over it.


    I have been listening to their recently released “3D” catalogue, which has all new takes on their classics

  2. acidted · June 28, 2017

    really interesting. thanks

  3. MATT · July 23

    I’m loving all this Kraftwerk

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