Fischer-Z ‎– Perfect Day (12″)

The cult early 80’s band made a come back with this single back in 1987. Catchy songwriting from the mainman and the distinct vocals John Watts and really a solo project. (still doing music and massive in Germany) This is produced by Watts with an unusual , experimental 12″ making use of the samplers to cut down and rearrange parts of the track with a quirky intro. Would work with Big Audio Dynamite’s E=MC 2. This did well in Australia and has a great B-side, a love song about female writer, “Marguerite” Yourcenar (it appeared later on the album “Destination Paradise”) a bit of Calypso acoustic strum….lovely stuff.

Arista ‎– 609 396SAM_2608

A The Perfect Day (12″ Version) 6:21
B1 The Perfect Day (7″ Version) 3:58
B2 Marguerite


5 thoughts on “Fischer-Z ‎– Perfect Day (12″)”

  1. I LOVE THIS BAND!!! Never had any of their singles but I had all their albums/CDs, so this is the first time I will hear one of their remixes … lol … more please (humbly I ask) … Battalions of Strangers, Berlin, Cruise Missiles, Marliese …

  2. Here is their entire discography (and John Watts solo), if you want to share some of their stuff. I don’t have any of their remixes either, except for the very first single THE WORKER!

    p.s.: these links won’t work with a download manager like jDownloader unless you set max chunks per download to “1” … but if you click on them for direct download, each link will dl in seconds

      1. His voice gets on my nerves after listening to too many songs in a row, but isolated they are real gems, especially songs like Battalions of Strangers

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