Off to see the men in Lycra…


Kraftwerk in Dublin beckons on Saturday…. A meet up with some old friends from my home town, Barrow-in-Furness, and plenty of electronics.

Normal service resumes Sunday evening.

7 thoughts on “Off to see the men in Lycra…”

  1. I envy you seeing them, not much chance of them ever coming to Hawaii. I hope the show is fantastic and you have a great time.

  2. I’ll agree with musicus, one flawless show, up close & personal sounding their best. Loved the way they ended the show with their final song being extended and remixed as each member left the stage to close the show. Awesome !!
    So how was the show/performance djjedredy ??

    1. An amazing concert, the visuals where immense and the synths loud and clear. I liked the way it had a live sound to it with the occasional error or missed timed note. They are certainly human after all. Some of the extended versions where certainly hypnotic and Hutter looked quite humble as he got a standing ovation at the end. He said 2 words all night to the audience “auf wiedersehen” and “thank you” 🙂

  3. Just picked up the Blu Ray of this concert, it looked & sounded excellent. And not a bad track on it. Can’t beat the real thing but this is a close second.

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