Age Of Chance ‎– Kiss (Jack-Knife Remixes) (LTD 12″)

Going to go a bit Leftfield now for a few posts. The 80’s had a shed load of musical styles so I need to give each one a bit of exposure. So the Indie, psychobilly and sampling of Sheffield’s Age Of Chance gives us a complete rework of Prince’s “Kiss” (I wonder what he thought of it?) D.J. Chakk (Alan Cross) provides the mixes. Extended the initially very short version on the “Sonic – Crush – Symphony” beefing up the drums and running everything through the samples – the definitive version!! The 2 mixes are a shorter dub versions of the main track and a slow, less beaty, “ambient” version, “Crash Conscious” is more in the Age Of Chance style, a more electronic Clash.

Oh and Congrat’s to Carl and Nicky on their wedding, it was amazing in the Majorica sunshine – if only they played this at the disco afterwards 🙂 🙂


Fon Records ‎– AGE L5aged

A Kiss (Sonic Crush Symphony)
B1 Kiss (Your Move America)
B2 Kiss (Leeds V The Bronx)
B3 Crash Conscious

5 thoughts on “Age Of Chance ‎– Kiss (Jack-Knife Remixes) (LTD 12″)”

  1. I became a Prince addict in the early 80’s and when this 12″ appeared in a discount bin in a regional record store I had to grab it (idiots – they should have been jacking UP the price). Blew my mind. Genius. I bet Prince would’ve loved it for the audacity.

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