Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Fourth Rendez-Vous (US 12″)

From 1986 and back to the old synth sound (and a move away from the samplers and back to the Elka Synthex!) Here he works with fellow keyboard player Michel Geiss to provide a more retro sound. It is quite a diiferent mix with added JFK. A bonus for the fans is the B-side, “Moon Machine” – an outtake from Zoolook which overdoses on the Fairlight. (It first appeared on a flexidisc included with Keyboard Magazine in the March 1986 issue)


Polydor ‎– 885 045-1rendev

A Fourth Rendez-Vous (Long) 6:08
B1 Fourth Rendez-Vous 3:45
B2 Moon Machine 3:00

Yazoo ‎– Nobody’s Diary / Situation (LTD 12″)

Classic synth from Yazoo who only released really 8 singles including the newer stuff, Erasure’s new album is out this month (their 17th!!)

This is slightly longer than the normal 7 ” release whilst the mix of “Situation” will be new to quite a few. Amazing work from Clarke and Eric Radcliffe from 1983. Heaps more drum machines and from the synth purists point of view the best out of all the mixes.

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Mute ‎– L12 YAZ 003SAM_8284

A Nobody’s Diary (Original 7″ Mix) 4:31
B Situation (Re-Recorded Remix) 7:30

Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Zoolookologie (Remix) (French 12″)

Not made my mind up over how JMJ faired over the 80’s. I bought Magnetic Fields when it came out, obviously liked Oxygene and Equinoxe which were bundled together as a double album in the early 80’s ( Was puzzled about Concerts in China and actually taped Zoolook off a mate (it sounded and stills sounds too weird) Sort of liked the space theme of Rendez-Vous and liked the Epic Classical of Revolutions, a return to form.

So Zoolook, the weird Ethni/synth epic, far too far ahead of its time, the vocal sampling reminds me of Yello and obviously influenced Enigma and Deep Forest. It seems to want to sound like Art Of Noise with a bit of Peter Gabriel thrown in. It pre-dates Bjork’s Medusa album.

This was released in 1985 and was remixed by  François Kevorkian and Ron St-Germain who edited it and tightened up all the drums, the Extended Mix is very different and sounds great for its age, with added slap bass by Marcus Miller.

The B-side is a track from the album, “Ethnicolor II”, a sampler for that wierd but inventive album.

Disques Dreyfus ‎– FDM 12-16029SAM_1261

A Zoolookologie (Extended Mix) 6:27
B1 Zoolookologie (Single Remix) 3:44
B2 Ethnicolor II 3:52

Y -Key Operators – Demascia


A little break from the 80’s stuff and over to my good friends the Y-Key Operators. They have released a re-recorded version of their classic track “Demascia” for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud. Produced by Chris Oliver from chameleons Vox and Byron P James. Mastering was done by Martin Desai.

I put up “Oxygen” the other month and got some appreciative comments, this is a bit more a synth monster, blending indie dance with some social commentary. Share the love and comments appreciated. It will cure any hangover!

John Rocca – Move (US 12″)


So ex-Freeez man does a few solo singles in the late 80’s. Londoner John Rocca and his rather high vocal range released this in the US only back in 1987. All the ingredients are still there, the cheap sounding vocal samples, solid drum programming and a nice piano led early house mix by Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, classic Chicago-stylee!! Obviously Arthur Baker is lurking in the studio somewhere.

He would later form Electra- a balearic dance project with Paul Oakenfold.

Criminal Records ‎– CR12-015SAM_3770

A1 Move (Landlord House Mix) 8:18
B1 Move (Farley’s House Piano Mix) 7:48
B2 Move (Roccapella) 6:54

The Parachute Club ‎– Moving Thru’ The Moonlight (L.T.D. Canadian 12″ E.P.)

Doing a bit of a Duran Duran (they did a similar thing with the Carnival E.P. an album of remixes- Re-upped here) Still very vague about this Canadian band. New Wave sounds and vocals by Lorraine Segato. Mixed gender band (not individually) as we have Billy Bryans on drums, Lauri Conger on keys, David Gray on guitar, Julie Masi on percussion, Keir Brownstone on bass and Margo Davidson on sax.

This came out in 1985 and has remixes by the band as well as getting a host of top notch remixers, Michael Brauer, (track 1) John “Jellybean” Benitez, (track 2) Michael Beinhorn (track 3) and Mike Jones (track 5) Favourite tracks include the political, anti-war message of “Alienation” and the mechanical beats of “Sexual Intelligence.” In fact all the mixes are very listenable, keeping the original song structures with out too much faffing about.


RCA Victor ‎– KXL1-9003parachute

A1 At The Feet Of The Moon (Dance Remix) 6:36
A2 Rise Up (Dance Remix) 5:57
A3 Act Of An Innocent (Dance Remix) 5:58
B1 Alienation (Dance Remix) 6:26
B2 Sexual Intelligence (Dance Remix) 5:19

The Style Council – Promised Land (US Promo 12″)

The Style Council hit the dancefloor with this set of quality house mixes. To help promote sells of a Best of “The Singular Adventures of the Style Council”  released in 1989. The main track , mixed by Juan Atkins, has plenty of space effects and is an original house track from Joe Smooth and SC probably gave it more exposure. However many thought it was covered too close to the original and stopped Joe Smooth getting to Number 1, a case of who did the original?

The Pianopella features no beats but plenty of soul. B-side “Can You Still Love Me ?” is a deeper house track. Weller on the 808!

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Polydor ‎– 889 147-1SAM_7426

A1 Promised Land (Club Mix) 7:05
A2 Promised Land (Pianopella) 3:43
B1 Can You Still Love Me? (Club Mix) 8:06
B2 Can You Still Love Me? (Dub) 4:34

Sarah Jane Morris ‎– Sarah Jane Morris E.P. (10 “)


The debut release from the manly voice behind The Communards hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” Sarah Jane Morris. From 1988 and showing a great flourish as a songwriter. The lead track is ace, a torch ballad with a political message.

A bizarre synthpop cover of “Sunny” (The old Bobby Hebb song) is on the B-side. Unusual but not un-listenable. “No-One Knows” is a slow funk number, Sade-esque.

Jive ‎– SJMX 2sarahfrontcov

A The Rains Have Failed Again 6:21
B1 Sunny 4:55
B2 No-One Knows 5:24


Shakatak ‎– Easier Said Than Done (12″)

Some more and early Shakatak from 1981 (and another clip from Top Of The Pops they didn’t do video’s) . Smooth as you like and probably my favourite by them. As trendy people would say, it’s the jam! (some would say elevator muzak or “on hold” music !)

The B-side is guitar led jazz funk instrumental, Keith Winter shows us all how it’s done, breathtaking guitar playing.

Röyksopp obviously raided their parents record collection (after having a fight with Air)

Polydor ‎– POSPX 375easierfrontcov

A Easier Said Than Done 6:09
B Late Night Flight 4:00

Working Week ‎– Don’t Touch My Friend (Touche Pas A Mon Pote) (12″)

A trio of jazz funk stuff. Like enjoying strong cheese and olives it must be an old age thing. I would have run a mile from this back in the 80’s now I can let it all wash over me, the arrangements and laid back groove….still hate olives mind!

The return of Larry Stabbins, Juliet Roberts and Simon Booth. Soulful and funky one the main track has their classic, signature sound, saxophone – led and slow tempo. “Walking the Tightrope” has a gospel feel to it and is a good showcase for Roberts voice, more jazz blues. The final track “Why Me?” multi tracks Robert’s vocals in a gospel acappella style.

Virgin ‎– VS 902-12

A Don’t Touch My Friend (Touche Pas A Mon Pote) (Extended Version)
B1 Walking The Tightrope
B2 Why Me?