Freeez Feat. John Rocco – I.O.U. (’86 Remixes) (US 12″)

I’m a little numb at the moment. Manchester is in mourning. I knew the Arena very well and knew exactly where the crowd was targeted. The main exit out would have been already crowded and people near would of had no chance at all.

So I’m going to envelope you into typical 80’s CHEESE. So much fromage that you will beg for more. Hold tight this is going to be cheesy.

Actually this came out in 1982 and got remixed in 1986 via Arthur Baker and The Latin Rascals. A lovely mucked around dub updates the beats, cutting it back and forth. The most radical mix is the “GoGo – Vocal Mix” slowing it down and adding a real bass to it, dare to be different!

Criminal Records ‎– CRIM 00007SAM_3835

A1 I.O.U. (Ultimate Club) (Vocal Mix) 8:00
A2 I.O.U. (Ultimate Drumapella) 4:10
B1 I.O.U. (Ultimate Shakedown Gogo) (Vocal Mix) 6:37
B2 I.O.U. (Ultimate Club) (Dub Mix) 6:50

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